Donors to the Addie Travis Brookins Endowed Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund Donors

Addie Brookins in her late 80s

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  1. Mr. Neil O. Alper (MA)
  2. Mrs. Queen Anderson (MS)
  3. Mr. Robert M. Baudanza (MA)
  4. Ms. Deloris Bell (MS)
  5. Mr. & Mrs. David P. Brookins (MN)
  6. Mr. & Mrs. Jackson A. Brookins (MA)
  7. Ms. Mary A. Brookins (MS)
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Oscar T. Brookins (MA)
  9. Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. Brookins (MS)
  10. Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Broome (MS)
  11. Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Butler (MA)
  12. Mr. Jack Carson (KY)
  13. Mrs. Laura Cosby (MS)
  14. Ms. Sandra Cosby (MS)
  15. Mrs. Gloria Dickerson (MI)
  16. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dockins (MS)
  17. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Edwards (MS)
  18. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Fair (MI)
  19. Ms. Patricia J. Fietz (MA)
  20. Mr. Clinton G. Gass (IN)
  21. Mr. Frederick Gass (OH)
  22. Mr. & Mrs. Earl Gooden (MS)
  23. Mrs. Ethel Hannah (MS)
  24. Mr. Cato W. Howard Jr. (IL)
  25. Jackson State University,
    Department of Computer Science Employees (MS)
  26. Mrs. Mavis L. James (MS)
  27. Mr. Reginald Jones (MD)
  28. Kellogg Foundation (MI)
  29. Mr. William E. Kendrick (MS)
  30. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Kinnard (MS)
  31. Lanier HS Class of 1962 (MS)
  32. Ms. Delores Jean Lenard (MS)
  33. Mrs. Gwendolyn Magee (MS)
  34. Ms. Gail McClure (MI)
  35. MINACT, INC. (MS)
  36. Mr. Anthony J. Miraglia (ME)
  37. Ms. Opal Morehead (MS)
  38. Mrs. Violet Nelson (MS)
  39. New Bethel A.M.E. Church (MS)
  40. Ms. Jeanette Nichols (MS)
  41. Old Mother Hubbard (MA)
  42. Mrs. Anne C. Petersen (MI)
  43. Ms. Dorothy Phillips (MS)
  44. Ms. Marvajean Ross (MS)
  45. Ms. Cora Royal (FL)
  46. Mrs. Delores Smith (MS)
  47. Ms. Rosalie Stiff (MS)
  48. Mr. Sanford F. Tolchin (MI)
  49. Tougaloo College,
    Division of Natural Sciences Employees (MS)
  50. Mr. Booker T. Travis, Jr. (IL)
  51. US Bank (MN)
  52. Mr. John L. Walker, Jr. (MS)
  53. Mr. William Walker, Jr. (MS)
  54. Women's Missionary Society,
    East Mississippi Conference (MS)

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